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Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorney

A motorcycle accident is 30 times as likely as a car accident to result in a fatality, and is five times as likely to result in injury.  Glass & Robson, LLC represents individuals and families whose lives are shattered by a motorcycle collision.  With decades of collective experience, our Atlanta motorcycle accident attorneys can provide the necessary advocacy to help crash victims get the compensation they deserve.

When Can a Victim Get Compensation After an Atlanta Motorcycle Accident?

A victim of a motorcycle accident should be compensated if the other driver was negligent. There are many different situations in which careless drivers cause motorcycle accidents, including when a driver fails to safely share the road with a motorcycle rider.  If a motorcycle or vehicle malfunction caused the accident to happen, or made injuries worse, it is possible a product liability claim could also be made by victims against the manufacturer of the defective product.

Glass & Robson helps crash victims to determine if they’re entitled to compensation and provides assistance in identifying all businesses or individuals who could be liable for covering losses following a motorcycle collision in Atlanta or surrounding areas.

What Compensation is Available for Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Atlanta?

Victims who sustain motorcycle accident injuries in Atlanta may be entitled to compensation for:

  • All medical care costs for past treatments, current care, and future medical expenditures made necessary by their injuries.
  • Loss of wages, lost vacation or sick days, and any future reduction in earning power over the rest of your life that results from injuries.
  • Pain, suffering, and emotional distress damages for PTSD, anxiety, and other physical and mental damage the collision caused you to endure.

If the collision was a fatal one, family members of a victim killed in a motorcycle accident should be compensated for the loss of the earnings the deceased would have brought to the family, and the services the deceased would have provided the family over the course of his or her lifetime.  Compensation is also available to pay for funeral expenditures, any medical costs incurred before death, and loss of companionship.

An attorney with experience in motorcycle accident claims in Georgia can provide assistance estimating the value of an injury or wrongful death claim.  This is important in deciding whether to accept an out-of-court settlement offer from an auto insurer. Glass & Robson also helps victims and their families to prove the extent of damages in court in an effort to obtain the maximum compensation after a serious or fatal crash.

How can an Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help You?

Glass & Robson provides assistance with personal injury and wrongful death claims after motorcycle accidents in Georgia and throughout the country.  We fight for victims and their families to ensure they are fully compensated for all damages they have endured so they can get the care they need and move on to a better future.

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