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Over the past several years there has been an alarming trend of natural gas explosions in the U.S. The consequences of gas explosions are devastating.  Gas explosions kill, burn, severely injure, and cause extensive costly injuries and property damage.  According to NFPA, an estimated yearly average of 4,200 home fires started with the eruption of natural gas and caused an average of 40 deaths per year.  Even with all the advances in technology, it has not necessarily become safer to produce or use natural gas.  Many families and businesses opt for natural gas as a source of energy for their homes and companies because it may be easier and cheaper to use.

Natural Gas

Natural gas has been providing energy as long as 3,000 years.  Natural gas is a fossil fuel that contains various compounds.  It is found in rock formations under the earth’s surface usually where oil is found.  It is drilled from onshore and offshore wells and from coal beds.  In recent years, Texas, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, West Virginia, and Oklahoma have been the top five natural gas-producing states in the United States according to EIA. 

Natural Gas Leaks and Explosions in Homes

Local fire departments responded to an average of 125,000 natural gas leaks in dwellings and businesses every year.  They estimate an average of 4,200 home fires per year caused by the ignition of natural gas.  Of the leaks or breaks that were leading contributing factors were.

  • Cooking equipment/appliances- 54%
  • Heating equipment – 25%

These fires caused deaths, major injuries, and millions of dollars in damage.

Common Causes of Natural Gas Explosions

Natural gas explosions can be caused by different situations including:

  • Incorrectly installed appliances
  • Old, rusted, or damaged pipelines
  • Defective Equipment
  • Faulty valves
  • Flawed equipment repairs

Common Injuries Sustained in Natural Gas Explosions or Fires

There are many different blast or blast related injuries and can affect a range of body parts but not limited to:

  • Severe burns over the entire body
  • Eyes- perforated globe
  • Ears- TM rupture
  • Lungs- Blast lung
  • Bowel- Bowel perforation
  • Cardiac- cardiac contusion
  • Brain- Brain injury
  • Renal- Renal contusion
  • Extremities- Fractures or amputations
  • Hemorrhages
  • Lacerations

Accountability of Natural Gas Explosions/Fire

Natural gas is hazardous by nature.  It must always be appropriately managed and maintained by properly handling and installing appliances and pipelines.  If a property owner, manufacturer or service provider fails to meet these responsibilities, accountability becomes a crucial aspect when dealing with natural gas explosions and fires.

Property owners and commercial businesses must be accountable for their roles in preventing, addressing, and mitigating the risks associated with natural gas.  The law firm of Glass & Robson, LLC regularly handles gas explosion cases.  We know the applicable codes, the best experts in the industry, and how to work these cases up to maximize their value for our clients.

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