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Frequently Asked Questions about How Our Firm Helps Injured People

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Overview: The founding principles of Glass Robson and what makes us unique.

Things to Consider: How Glass Robson handles cases and treats our clients.

FAQs: What you should consider before hiring for an attorney.

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After a traumatic event like a tractor-trailer collision or serious slip-and-fall injury, often the last thing on the victim’s mind is contacting a lawyer. This is the right decision. It is always important to gather any evidence you can, whether photographs of the involved vehicles or documenting a foreign substance on the floor, but medical treatment should be your primary concern. If you are injured because of the fault of someone else, you need to get all of the medical treatment you need. Remember that the insurance company will be looking very closely at all of your medical records so be thoughtful about making sure to make your appointments and following your doctor’s advice. Remember also that if you’ve been hurt because of someone else, now is not the time to jump onto social media to either announce your injury or display anything that could be used against your case. Remember that the other side will always be watching and looking for ways to reduce the impact of your injury, and social media is their first stop. We often recommend after being hired that our clients not put anything on social media whatsoever until the claim or future lawsuit is concluded.

Most of our clients have either been hurt in a recent incident or are in the process of receiving medical treatment and looking to explore their options for accountability on the part of the entity or individual that caused the injury.

We are selective with the cases we take on. We maintain a limited case load so we are always available to meet with new clients when something bad happens. Often times appointments for new clients can be set up the very same day and we will travel to meet the client if necessary. If you are looking online at potential legal representation, you should be very careful about whom you consult with about your case. Always ask how many cases the firm handles, when the last time the firm tried a case, the outcome, for professional references, and be sure to check any reviews of the firm or lawyer you speak with. As with most things, good reviews go a long way to establish the validity of the services being offered. Our firm does not advertise on television or billboards. We let our results and our reputation do the work for us.

New clients are often relieved to know that once they hire our firm, they can concentrate on getting better and not worry about insurance adjusters or other hassles that come with a car wreck or other incident. We are absolutely committed to take your case as far as it needs to be taken to make sure you receive the best possible result. If you hire us to handle your case, when you call and ask for us, you’ll be connected. We don’t get hired and outsource you to administrative personnel to handle your case. What you see is what you get with our lawyers.

We pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients. Whether by e-mail or phone, the attorneys of Glass & Robson will make sure you always have their attention when you need it. A serious injury claim has a lot of moving parts to it and you are going to need a trusted advocate to help you navigate your way. Most of our clients rely on us for advice about their medical treatment and recommendations on undergoing various procedures and surgeries based on our experience with past clients in similar situations. Our goal is to help you get back on your feet and we take pride in helping you do that.

Different types of cases have different processes, but as a client of the firm you will be carefully walked through the pre-litigation and litigation framework depending on the nature of your case. No two cases are exactly the same and each require a unique game plan.

Once hired, the first step is always focused on your medical treatment. There can be no discussions of settlement until the nature and seriousness of the injury and future issues that may result from the injury are addressed. Often times this means that we will meet with your doctor to discuss your treatment and future prognosis. By maintaining a limited case load, we are able to devote as much time and attention as needed to get his clients the very best possible results.

Once retained, our firm immediately notifies all potential defendants and their insurance companies of our involvement. At this point, by law, you will receive no more calls from insurance companies. They will call us. One of the big unknowns in serious injury cases is usually the amount of available liability insurance that may be available to cover your injury.

To take a routine car wreck for an example, all too often we get called on cases where someone has suffered a truly catastrophic injury to find that the at fault party only has the Georgia minimum limits of $25,000.00 and the client has no underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. By law, liability insurers must provide sworn coverage information for insurance limits within sixty (60) days of a proper letter of representation accompanied by the proper sworn attorney affidavit. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle wreck, make sure and put your own insurance company on notice to preserve any underinsured/uninsured motorist claim you may have if the at fault driver’s limits are insufficient to fully cover your claim. Some policies have notification requirements.

For slip-and-fall injuries or other premises liability injuries, one always hopes that a business that brings customers onto its property has undertaken the responsibility of securing liability insurance, but that is not a requirement of doing business in Georgia. We are quick to get the insurance information as soon as we can to help you know the parameters of what may be available to cover your claim after you have finished treating for your injury.

Depending on the nature of your injuries, the case will be worked up and prepared for an attempt to resolve it before filing a lawsuit. We will work with you to discuss our recommendations for settlement and negotiate with the insurance company to try and resolve your case, if possible.

Case value depends on a lot of different factors. The overriding factor, of course, is the extent of the injury and the amount of the medical bills. In our experience, the liability insurers typically expect to resolve claims based on some multiplier of the total amount of medical expenses, but other factors come in to play: the venue, the facts of the case, future medical needs, loss of mobility and independence, and the permanency of the injury.

One thing that the lawyers at Glass & Robson, LLC can guarantee you: your interest is our interest. We are not a firm that handles hundreds of cases to resolve them quickly for an unreasonably low amount. We will guide you every step of the way to protect your interests and help you get accountability for what happened to you.

If pre-suit settlement is unsuccessful, the next step is litigation and eventually trial. Unlike some so-called “trial lawyers,” we relish the opportunity to litigate and try cases for our clients. Please check out our “Results” page.

The litigation process is often uncharted territory for our clients. The process is initiated with filing a Complaint, Summons, and initial discovery requests to the named defendants in the case. Once these documents are filed with the appropriate trial court, which depends on a number of factors we can help explain to you, we hire a private process server to serve these documents on the named defendant parties. Once properly served, the defendants have thirty (30) days to respond to the Complaint and usually forty-five (45) days to respond to our first discovery requests.

Once the defendants answer, they usually send us discovery requests seeking written answers to questions about our client’s injury, the facts involved, our client’s history, and other matters related to the claims in the case. This begins what is known as the “discovery” process. Once we get these requests, we usually sit down with our clients in person or discuss the questions and information requested before crafting the legal responses that we prepare and send back to the requesting attorney.

Along with the fact witness depositions and discovery, another vital component of your case will be the presentation of medical testimony about your injury, treatment, and recovery. The attorneys at Glass & Robson always reach out to your medical providers and arrange for the most appropriate medical testimony, whether it be medical narratives or videotaped depositions. For cases that involve a surgery or other type of invasive procedure, our attorneys typically have professionally prepared medical demonstratives made and approved by the treating physician for him or he to show the jury during the deposition how the procedure was conducted and what is is aimed to accomplish.

If the insurance company for the at fault party does not make a reasonable settlement offer during litigation, the final component of your case will be a jury trial. Unlike a lot of so-called “trial lawyers,” our attorneys actually enjoy trials and have a track record of successful jury verdicts behind our name. The trial tells the story of your injury, from start to finish: from eyewitnesses to friends and family who witnessed your injury and recovery, to the medical providers who treated you along the way. When searching for an attorney to help you with your injury claim, we always suggest one question you ask is when the lawyer last tried a case. You would be very surprised to hear the response from some of the lawyers you see on television and billboards. What separates us from the vast majority of trial lawyers is that we try cases. We maintain a small case load to allocate the manpower and resources to secure you the best possible result. If the defense wants to try their hand against us in court, we welcome the opportunity.

Our firm represents individuals and families that have suffered a traumatic injury or death as a result of someone else’s negligence. We handle all forms of personal injury cases. Our firm is always ready to help victims obtain justice. We handle all forms of motor vehicle collisions, brain and spinal cord injuries, fall down cases, negligent security cases, animal attacks, nursing home injuries, medical malpractice cases, defect product cases, pedestrian and bicycling injuries and all other forms of personal injury cases. Please give us a call today to discuss your situation.

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