Atlanta Trial Attorney Serves as Panelist on Personal Injury Webinar

Atlanta personal injury attorney Robert Glass served as a panelist on an educational and informative webinar, “Personal Injury Opening Statements and Closing Arguments: Preparing and Delivering, Handling Objections and Related Motions.” The 90-minute webinar aimed to teach personal injury litigators successful courtroom strategies. It is now available for download and CLE credit through Strafford.

Opening Statements

According to the webinar, about three-quarters of jurors stick with their first impressions of a case. These judgements are often formed during an attorney’s opening statement, making them one of the most important aspects of a trial.

Robert explained that attorneys who tell an enthralling story with confidence and effective visual aids often find success — especially when they don’t rely too much on their notes and outlines. This is also an opportunity to begin dismantling the defense’s claims and preparing the jurors for what they are likely to hear.

Closing Arguments

Trial lawyers should also know the key elements of compelling closing arguments. An effective closing argument has many of the same components as openings, and is an attorney’s final opportunity to persuade jurors to rule in favor of their client. Memorable phrases and passionate pleas will go a long way during deliberations.

As many listeners have mentioned in their reviews, Robert included several practical examples from his own decades of trial experience in the courtroom. As successful trial attorneys, Robert and his partner James Robson have used these same strategies to win major verdicts and settlements for their clients.

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