Auto Regulators Try To Block Apps To Reduce Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has become a leading cause of auto accidents in Atlanta and throughout the United States.  Unfortunately, even though motorists are aware of the dangers of distracted driving and even though laws prohibit various kinds of distracted driving, motorists continue to use their phones to talk, text, and email.  Cell phone use and the use of other electronics devices can delay reaction times, cause inattention blindness, and make crashes far more likely to happen.

Distracted drivers should be held accountable for collisions and an Atlanta distracted driving accident attorney  should be consulted by those harmed by unsafe motorists.  Glass & Robson assists victims in proving driver distraction caused their collision and in pursuing a claim to obtain full compensation for loss.

Unfortunately, nothing can bring back lost health or a lost loved one, so prevention of distracted driving remains a top goal.  Just recently, the New York Times reported that auto safety regulators are looking at the possibility of using a “Driver Mode” to prevent interaction with distracting apps while driving.

Could “Driver Mode” Help Stop Atlanta Distracted Driving Accidents?

According to the New York Times, federal auto safety regulators want manufacturers of cell phones to make a “Driver Mode” which would be similar to the Airplane Mode that currently exists on phones.

Airplane Mode shuts off wireless communications on phones so the phone does not interfere with the sensitive electronics on a plane.  Driver Mode would work similarly, but its function would be to either block or modify certain phone and app features while in the car to prevent distracted driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has made its proposal to manufacturers as part of voluntary guidelines aimed at reducing the rising number of traffic fatalities caused by distracted driving.

NHTSA has asked that Apple, Samsung, and other major phone manufacturers work on developing a technology which will detect when a phone is being used while driving.  The agency hopes that the phone makers could find ways for the devices to detect specifically if they are being used by the person operating the vehicle, rather than by passengers whose phone functionality would not be limited.

The idea is that when the phone detects it is being used by a driver, certain features would be limited and/or a simplified interface would be provided.  The onus would no longer be on the driver to make the smart choice not to use the phone, as the phone would act automatically to reduce the possibility its apps could be a distraction.

It remains unclear if the tech companies will be willing to cooperate with the NHTSA in this initiative, or if such a technology could be developed that would be effective.  However, if tech makers do make the decision to move forward with implementing a driver mode, a significant number of serious or even fatal collisions could potentially be avoided and lives could be saved. Ultimately, however, drivers still remain accountable for their own behavior and victims should pursue cases against careless or unsafe drivers with the help of Atlanta distracted driving accident lawyers.

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