Bicycling Injuries in Atlanta and Surrounding Counties – Serious Danger

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting the tragic death of a cyclist that was hit and killed on Monday, April 30, 2012, in Decatur, Georgia. A link to the story is attached here. Apparently the cyclist was riding in the inside lane on North Decatur Road when he was hit by a Ford Ranger pickup early this morning. The cyclist was pronounced dead at the hospital hours later.

This story is a sobering reminder of the dangers that cyclists face while on the road. As a cyclist myself, I can tell you that there are countless times where I have been close to being hit by a passing vehicle that does not realize the dire implications of one false move — serious injury or death. When passing too closely or not maintaining a proper lookout for cyclists on the road, all it takes is a minor slip-up and the results could be tragic.

I have represented a number of cyclists in my practice and believe that as more people undertake the cycling as an activity, the number of injuries and deaths will increase. Drivers are held to the same rules of the road for ensuring the safety of cyclists who are riding on city streets. Thankfully, most insurance plans do not exclude injuries caused to cyclists as opposed to individuals driving motor vehicles. If you need to speak to an experienced trial attorney about a cycling-related injury, please let me know. I am always happy to help fellow cyclists.