Big Recovery for Fast Food Slip and Fall

Slip and fall cases in Georgia have often gotten a bad rap, but thanks to new law from the Supreme Court (AMC v. Brown), restaurant or other patrons at commercial establishments have a better opportunity to recover when they are injured as a result of a hazard that the management should have prevented.

I recently mediated a case against a large national commercial establishment that settled for a substantial amount. The client was a very deserving woman, only twenty eight (28) years old. She and her son were at the fast food restaurant eating lunch when the client slipped and fell on standing water in the bathroom. It turned out that the restaurant knew about a leaking pipe that had been causing water to pool in the bathroom. Despite knowing this, the management did not have the leak fixed and my client suffered a torn ACL as a result, which will likely require future surgery.

We put the case into suit after the restaurant failed to accept responsibility, we put the case into suit. After discovery concluded, the defense realized they were at risk for exposure and requested that we mediate the case. The end result was a very substantial recovery for our client and will give her the means to pay for surgery for her knee. Remember that Glass & Robson only takes personal injury cases that he is ready to try. That mentality paid off in this case.