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Election 2012 and “Tort Reform”

Insurance companies and some of the country's most powerful corporations have been engaging in a war against our constitutionally guaranteed right to a trial by jury for almost thirty years. So called "tort reform" has been an issue that you may have heard of in the media. In case you are not sure what "tort reform" means, I want you to know the underlying efforts behind this movement and potential ramifications of its enactment. A "tort" is a civil wrong, an injury. Many states--Georgia included--have tried to limit your rights to bring a civil lawsuit against someone who harms you, whether...

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Big Recovery for Fast Food Slip and Fall

Slip and fall cases in Georgia have often gotten a bad rap, but thanks to new law from the Supreme Court (AMC v. Brown), restaurant or other patrons at commercial establishments have a better opportunity to recover when they are injured as a result of a hazard that the management should have prevented. I recently mediated a case against a large national commercial establishment that settled for a substantial amount. The client was a very deserving woman, only twenty eight (28) years old. She and her son were at the fast food restaurant eating lunch when the client slipped and fell...

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Bicycling Injuries in Atlanta and Surrounding Counties – Serious Danger

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting the tragic death of a cyclist that was hit and killed on Monday, April 30, 2012, in Decatur, Georgia. A link to the story is attached here. Apparently the cyclist was riding in the inside lane on North Decatur Road when he was hit by a Ford Ranger pickup early this morning. The cyclist was pronounced dead at the hospital hours later. This story is a sobering reminder of the dangers that cyclists face while on the road. As a cyclist myself, I can tell you that there are countless times where I have been close to...

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Cycling Tragedy in Decatur, Georgia

When we are driving cars or trucks on the road, we often forget that we are operating moving tons of steel. This is why in my practice, some of the most devastating injuries come from pedestrians and cyclists that are hit by cars on the road. If you think about car wrecks, the person who is hurt inside the car is protected by those thousands of pounds of steel, whereas a pedestrian or cyclist is protected by nothing more than his or her own flesh and bone. It's a scary thought and unfortunately we see the impact of this type...

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Tragic Douglas County Georgia Tractor Trailer Trucking Wreck

As I've written about before, trucking collisions often cause the most serious injuries and can result in multiple fatalities if the impact is severe enough. Unfortunately, the impact of a 75,000 lb. truck is almost always devastating. Trucking cases are a large part of my practice and I hate to see when negligent drivers cause wrecks like this. Two women were killed and four people were hurt in a major tractor-trailer collision in Douglas County Georgia on Wednesday, July 11, 2012. The tractor-trailer involved struck the driver's side of a Nissan Sentra, hurdling both vehicles into the southbound land of I-20....

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Trucking Cases Are Different – Georgia Trucking Attorney

Trucking cases are not like car wreck cases. We handle all types of commercial vehicle cases but the trucking cases are regulation-intensive, and this is a good thing. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations apply to both interstate and intrastate motor carriers. This means that whether the motor carrier operates in Georgia only or throughout other state as well, there are safety regulations that the motor carrier and driver must follow. These regulations range from maintaining driver logs to document the number of hours driven to requirements for inspections and post-accident drug testing. These regulations are critical for the safe...

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