Car Crashes Around the Holiday Season In Atlanta and Around Georgia

Atlanta is a busy town with lots of traffic, especially around Thanksgiving and the holiday season. Last year there were an unprecedented amount of car wrecks and injuries arising over Thanksgiving weekend. In 2010, the Georgia State Patrol investigated 437 traffic crashes that resulted in 397 injuries and 8 fatalities. In 2011, there were fewer crashes but 15 fatalities. This presents a very clear danger to drivers on the road. One friend of mine told me that the rise in DUI-related crashes is because there are so many college kids home before exams and wanting to go out and see their high school friends.

The reason there are so many injuries resulting from car wrecks over the Thanksgiving period in Atlanta and throughout Georgia is primarily intoxicated drivers and drivers traveling too fast for conditions. There was a large increase in the presence of police officers and authorities in the Atlanta area last weekend but it did not seem to make a dent in the amount of injuries that occurred. There were 15 fatalities last weekend alone.

If you are in a wreck, you need a good lawyer to make sure you receive appropriate compensation for your injuries. This year alone, Robert has favorably resolved over twenty car wreck cases, including multiple DUI cases and pedestrian-automobile collisions. DUI cases are particularly troublesome for insurance companies right now and we have had great success in recovering many times the amount of the client’s medical expenses, including one recovery for almost 20 times the amount of medical expenses.

All car-related accidents or crashes, whether in Atlanta or throughout the state, arise in “tort.” This means that in order to recover damages for an injured victim of a car wreck, the individual (the plaintiff) must prove that the defendant driver breached his or her duty to exercise ordinary care to plaintiff, and that this breach caused plaintiff personal injury for which he or she is entitled to recover. In car wrecks, a guilty plea or paying a fine for a traffic violation in which another person was injured is an admission of guilt, and gets the plaintiff past the first two elements: duty and breach. The final two elements of a negligence action, causation and damages, are usually what comprise the bulk of a trial in a car wreck or trucking case.

If you are looking for legal representation in connection with a road wreck or traffic crash in Atlanta or throughout the state, be sure to contact us. What do we do different? Unlike the “volume” practices or some of the lawyers you may see advertising on TV or billboards, we receive almost all of our cases by referrals from former clients, friends, or other lawyers in the community. We spend a lot of time building up the client’s case both on the liability front as well as the medical front. One of the major differences in what we do and what others do is that we make sure we understand the medicine and have sufficient medical testimony from doctors and other professionals to explain how your injury occurred and will affect your life. We build up your case using the best sources of evidence and make it understandable to a jury to help you get the compensation you deserve.