Deadly Motorcycle Accident in Clayton County

One killed in early morning motorcycle accident

Clayton County Police are investigating a deadly motorcycle accident on July 26, 2013. According to reports, one person was killed in an earlier morning motorcycle accident that also involved a minivan. The motorcycle accident occurred at Rex Road and Evans Drive in Clayton County, Georgia. A police spokesperson stated the the motorcycle rider was taken to a local hospital for treatment but died from his injuries. The police investigation into the motorcycle accident is ongoing.

Accidents like this one highlight the dangers faced by drivers on Georgia roads, especially motorcycle riders. While a motorcycle is 1/12 the size of a typical SUV, there are steps motorcycle riders can take to increase their visual road presence.

Five Steps to Increase Visibility

1. Wear Bright Clothing – Clothing that reflects light improves the chances that other drivers will be able to see and avoid you.

2. Use Reflective Tape – Adding reflective tape to your helmet or storage compartment on the back of your bike will also increase your visibility.

3. Check Headlight Angle – Each state regulates the angle at which a headlight may be aimed. Check your state regulation and aim the beam to the maximum angle allowed by law.

4. Add Dual Running Headlights – Adding dual running headlights increases visibility for both you and other drivers.

5. Improve Brake Light – Many manufacturers will use undersized brake lights to give a bike a more stylish appearance. Consider replacing the stock brake light with a larger model. If this is not possible, consider using halogen bulbs for increased brightness.

What to do if you or a loved one is injured in a motorcycle accident:

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, please call the attorneys at Glass & Robson at (404) 751-4702 for a free consultation. The attorneys at our firm have handled numerous cases for clients injured in motorcycle accidents and we welcome the opportunity to speak with you.