How Do I Know If I’ve Suffered A Personal Injury?

A personal injury, according to legal standards, consists of any injury to the body, mind, or emotions that were caused by the action of someone else. There are many different types of personal injuries— for example, traffic accidents, medical and dental accidents, accidents in the home, product defects and industrial diseases.

However, not all personal injury cases involve a direct, immediate physical injury as the basis for the personal injury claim. Mental anguish or psychological trauma can be the foundation of a lawsuit. Post-traumatic stress disorder, loss of self-image, loss of affection, and general emotional distress which is caused by the actions of another, can be the basis of a personal injury claim. Intentional conduct, such as attempted assault and false imprisonment resulting in emotional distress, can also be sufficient for a personal injury claim.

Personal injuries can take place both in the workplace or in your own home—but not all injuries are sufficient for a personal injury lawsuit. Stubbing your toe at your office or in your home is unlikely to suffice for a personal injury lawsuit. However, you are apt for a personal injury lawsuit if you’re walking down the street, and off the side of a building, someone drops a large object and shatters your foot. These two scenarios differ in that the harm being done to your body in the second instance was caused by the negligent conduct of another person.

Best Course of Action in a Personal Injury Case

The best course of action in a personal injury case is to have your injury examined by a doctor and report your injury to a legal professional as soon as possible.  You’ll be better able to recall facts and situations surrounding your accident, making the litigation streamlined and thus faster to resolve. When you do speak to a personal injury attorney, the lawyer will want to review every moment of the accident, analyzing every detail and understanding the entire story. The attorney, after learning how you were injured, will subsequently review the case and determine whether to bring legal action and seek financial compensation. Personal injury attorneys will support you through the process from start to finish, helping you understand complicated medical information and handling your insurance company.

Is Your Injury Sufficient for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you’re not sure that your injury is sufficient for a personal injury lawsuit, the best thing to do is take a few minutes and contact a personal injury attorney for a professional opinion. The attorneys at Glass Robson are experienced personal injury attorneys who have provided sound legal representation for numerous cases throughout Georgia. Please call (404) 751-4702 for a free consultation. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you.