Tractor Trailer Accident in Atlanta, Georgia

Driver Injured in Tractor Trailer Accident

All travel lanes on I-20 west were closed early Friday morning due to a tractor trailer accident during the early morning hours. According to the Georgia State Patrol, a westbound tractor trailer struck the rear end of another tractor trailer at approximately 11:15 p.m. near mile marker 19. One tractor trailer was hauling food products and the other tractor trailer was carrying produce. The collision between the two tractor trailers was significant and resulted in a fire. According to reports, one of the tractor trailer drivers was serious injured and was airlifted to Atlanta Medical Center. The Georgia State Patrol’s investigation took several hours to complete and resulted in a backup of five or six miles.

Five Tips for Avoiding a Tractor Trailer Accident:

1. Avoid Blind Spots: Tractor Trailer drivers cannot see you if you are in their blind spots, which are located in the rear, the side, and the area connecting the truck and trailer. If you cannot see the tractor trailer driver in his mirrors, the chances are he cannot see you either. If you attempt to pass a tractor trailer, be sure that he can see you and knows of your intention to pass.

2. Maintain a Safe Distance: It is difficult to see the roadway ahead of a tractor trailer. It is recommended that drivers keep a safe following distance of 20 or more car lengths behind a tractor trailer.

3. Avoid Sudden Breaking or Turns: A tractor trailer can weigh up to forty (40) tons when fully loaded. Even when not fully loaded it can take a tractor trailer significantly more time to stop than a regular vehicle. Take care to avoid making any sudden turns in front of a tractor trailer.

4. Leave Plenty of Room: At an intersection, a tractor trailer making a turn will require additional space. Drivers should anticipate that a tractor trailer will need to make a wide turns and should leave adequate space to avoid being squeezed by a turning tractor trailer.

5. Make Sure You Signal: It is important for other drivers, including tractor trailers to see your vehicle. When making a lane change, use a turn signal. This allows the tractor trailer to anticipate your movement and adjuster his driving accordingly.

What to do if you or a loved one is injured in a tractor trailer accident:

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a tractor trailer accident, please call the attorneys at Glass & Robson at (404) 751-4702 for a free consultation. The attorneys at our firm have handled numerous cases for clients injured in tractor trailer accidents and we welcome the opportunity to speak with you.