Unraveling the Conflict between Personal Injury Attorneys and Insurance Companies

Personal injury attorneys frequently caution individuals against placing unwavering trust in insurance companies when pursuing compensation for their losses. Glass & Robson has been helping individuals seek compensation for their losses since 2013 and would like to reveal some of the fundamental causes that fuel this distrust that attorneys often share toward insurance companies.

The Insurance Claims Process

The claims process serves as the first point of contention between attorneys and insurance companies. Insurers may often employ tactics such as delay, denial, or undervaluation of claims, leading to frustration and mistrust on the part of the claimants. Personal injury attorneys, like Glass & Robson, advocate for their clients by navigating the complex claims process, ensuring their rights are protected.

Profit-Driven Nature of Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are profit-oriented businesses with a primary goal of maximizing their financial gains. This profit-driven nature can sometimes result in a conflict of interest, as insurers may prioritize their bottom line over the well-being of claimants. Personal injury attorneys, on the other hand, strive to secure fair compensation for their clients, advocating for their rights against the formidable resources of insurance companies.

Adversarial Nature of Litigation

When negotiations fail to yield satisfactory results, personal injury cases may proceed to litigation. This adversarial legal process can escalate tensions between attorneys and insurance companies. Attorneys, such as Glass & Robson, employ their expertise in legal strategy, evidence gathering, and courtroom advocacy to counter the insurance company’s efforts to minimize or deny compensation.

Knowledge and Experience Disparity

Insurance companies possess extensive experience, resources, and legal teams dedicated to minimizing payouts. In contrast, personal injury claimants often lack the specialized knowledge and experience required to navigate the complex legal landscape. Personal injury attorneys, like Glass & Robson, bridge this knowledge gap by providing legal expertise and guidance, ensuring their clients have a level playing field when facing insurance companies.

Unfair Settlement Practices

Insurance companies are known to employ various settlement practices that can be seen as unfair or exploitative. These include lowball offers, coercive tactics, and attempts to shift blame onto the claimant. Personal injury attorneys vigorously advocate on behalf of their clients, scrutinizing settlement offers and ensuring that their clients’ rights and interests are protected throughout the negotiation process.

Impact of Perception and Reputation

The reputation of insurance companies, fostered by past practices and public perception, plays a significant role in shaping the trust dynamics. Personal injury attorneys often encounter clients who have heard or experienced negative interactions with insurance companies in the past. This contributes to the perception that insurance companies are not reliable, further fueling the distrust.


The contentious relationship between personal injury attorneys and insurance companies stems from a combination of factors, including the insurance claims process, profit-driven motives, adversarial litigation, knowledge disparity, unfair settlement practices, and public perception. Recognizing these underlying causes helps individuals understand why personal injury attorneys emphasize caution when dealing with insurance companies. As a trusted Georgia based law firm since 2013, Glass & Robson strives to protect the rights and interests of their clients, empowering them to navigate the legal complexities of personal injury claims.