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Glass & Robson, LLC was founded in 2013 by two lawyers who shared a vision of forming an elite Atlanta personal injury trial practice firm that operates with a unique objective designed to obtain extraordinary results for our clients. When Robert and James formed their Atlanta personal injury firm, one aspect the type of practice they envisioned was a small Atlanta, Georgia firm, selective in the cases they undertook, and almost the exact opposite of what ordinary citizens see on billboards and personal injury attorney television advertisements.


Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys

Trucking cases are not like car wreck cases. We handle all types of commercial vehicle cases but the trucking accident cases are regulation-intensive, and this is a good thing. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations apply to both interstate and intrastate motor carriers. This means that whether the motor carrier operates in Georgia only or throughout other states as well, there are safety regulations that the motor carrier and driver must follow. These regulations range from maintaining driver logs to document the number of hours driven to requirements for inspections and post-accident drug testing. These regulations are critical for the safe operation of motor carriers because while we need safe transport or materials, the motoring public is at risk of serious injuries if these regulations are not followed. When truck drivers and their carriers neglect the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, tragedies occur. A person recently was killed when a tractor-trailer collided with three cars in Fulton County, near the Atlanta Airport. The crash happened just after 11:30 P.M. when the tractor trailer ran a red-light and t-boned another passenger vehicle, a Nissan Altima. Call Glass and Robson if you need assistance in a tractor-trailer case.


Suffered A Personal Injury? We Can Help

A personal injury, according to legal standards, consists of any injury to the body, mind, or emotions that was caused by the action of someone else. There are many different types of personal injuries— for example, traffic accidents, medical and dental accidents, accidents in the home, product defects and industrial diseases. However, not all personal injury cases involve a direct, immediate physical injury as the basis for the personal injury claim. Mental anguish or psychological trauma can be the foundation of a lawsuit. Post-traumatic stress disorder, loss of self-image, loss of affection, and general emotional distress which is caused by the actions of another, can be the basis of a personal injury claim. Intentional conduct, such as attempted assault and false imprisonment resulting in emotional distress, can also be sufficient for a personal injury claim. If you’re not sure that your injury is sufficient for a personal injury lawsuit, the best thing to do is take a few minutes and contact a personal injury attorney for a professional opinion. The attorneys at Glass Robson are experienced personal injury attorneys who have provided sound legal representation for numerous cases throughout Georgia.



Robert Glass


Robert is one of the premier plaintiff’s personal injury attorneys in Georgia.  Robert’s practice focuses exclusively on representing individuals who have been seriously injured or killed by the negligence of others.  Since Robert began his plaintiff’s practice in 2010, he has recovered millions of dollars for his clients. Robert uses his past experience of representing insurance companies and multinational corporations to achieve the best result possible for his clients. Robert has litigated on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants in the past and has a special passion for the courtroom. >> Read More


James Robson


James is a skilled trial lawyer who handles only serious personal injury and wrongful death cases.  James has tried numerous personal injury cases to verdict and worked tirelessly to recover millions of dollars for his clients.  He handles a wide variety of personal injury cases throughout the State of Georgia, including automobile wrecks, trucking/tractor-trailer wrecks, motorcycle wrecks, bicycle wrecks, premises liability, slip/trip and falls, negligent security, apartment shootings/assaults, defective/dangerous products, wrongful death, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. >>Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Glass & Robson helps individuals and families that have suffered a traumatic injury or death as a result of someone else’s negligence.  Glass & Robson handles all forms of personal injury cases and are always ready to help victims obtain justice.  Glass & Robson handles all forms of motor vehicle collisions including trucking accidents, brain and spinal cord injuries, fall down cases, negligent security cases, animal attacks, nursing home injuries, medical malpractice cases, defect product cases, pedestrian and bicycling injuries and all other forms of personal injury cases.

What to Expect

What to ExpectAfter a traumatic event like a tractor-trailer collision or serious slip-and-fall injury, often the last thing on the victim’s mind is contacting a lawyer.  This is the right decision and medical treatment should be the very first consideration to make sure you will be able to fully recover.  But while you are recovering, the potential defendants may be quick to destroy video surveillance or other important evidence like logbooks, so be sure to call an experienced law firm before too long.

Most of the clients that come to Glass & Robson’s practice have either been hurt in a recent incident or are in the process of receiving medical treatment and looking to explore their options for accountability on the part of the entity or individual that caused the injury. The majority of Glass & Robson’s clients are referred from other lawyers across the state or from past clients.

Glass & Robson is selective with the cases they take on and maintain a limited case load so they are always available to meet with new clients when something bad happens.  Often times appointments for new clients can be set up the very same day and the attorneys of Glass & Robson will travel to meet the client if necessary.

New clients are often relieved to know that once they hire Glass & Robson, they can concentrate on getting better and not have to worry about insurance adjusters or other hassles that come with a car crash or other incident.  Glass & Robson will take the case as far as it needs to be taken to make sure you receive the result you deserve.

One part of Glass & Robson’s practice that they pride themselves on is their accessibility.  Whether by e-mail or phone, Glass & Robson will make sure you always have their attention when you need it.  Some of the more complex and serious cases, especially those that must be tried in court, can take months and years to complete, and you will have a trusted advocate that will make sure your best interests are being sought and protected.

At the end of the day, Glass & Robson’s primary goal is to make sure an injured victim fully recovers from any traumatic event and the time and hassle that goes along with that recovery is accounted for by a monetary award.

What to Expect

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Client Testimonials

I use to hear how people talk about most lawyers are only concern with what they can get in winning your case. Had a lawyer previous to James Robson that made me feel that way. But not James Robson he actually cares more about his clients well being. He didn’t make me feel like a client he made me feel like I was a friend. Checking on me to see how I was doing and making sure I was doing well. Never once did his law firm not respond if I had simple questions. They were very courtesy to me. Very honest and up front throughout my time of being their friend because I never felt like just a client. Never made me feel like they weren’t looking out for my best interests. Believe me if you are looking for a great lawyer, with great morals, respectful and always honest with you or just advice on handling your case James Robson is the best.

Tyrone GA

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