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Roundup Lawsuits


Last week, a jury in San Francisco, California returned a whopping $289,000,000.00 verdict against Monsanto Company, a subsidiary of Bayer AG.  The jury's verdict was in favor a terminally-ill man who alleged he developed stage IV Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma as a result of repeated exposure to Roundup, a weed killer regularly used by farmers, gardeners, and landscapers and made by Monsanto, while working as a groundskeeper for a school district.  The plaintiff claimed that Monsanto has known for years that exposure to Roundup increases the risk of developing cancer, yet the company failed to warn the public of the risks.  ...

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New Efforts to Combat Drugged Driving


Drugged driving is increasingly causing accidents to occur.  According to the Governors' Highway Safety Association (GHSA), there has been an increase over the past three years in the number of drivers involved in fatal collisions who test positive for drugs.  As many as 43 percent of drivers involved in deadly accidents in 2015 had drugs in their system. In light of this growing crash risk, GHSA is partnering with local law enforcement agencies to step up enforcement efforts to combat drug-impaired driving.  Hopefully, these efforts to stop drugged driving will be successful at preventing collision injuries and saving lives. If accidents do happen,...

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Most Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury


Traumatic brain injury can be life-changing and, in some tragic situations, can cost a victim his or her life.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 138 people die daily due to traumatic brain injury (TBI).  The CDC also reports more than 2.5 annual hospitalizations or ER visits because of injuries to the brain. In many cases of brain injury, the incident resulting in the brain damage was entirely preventable.  When brain injury happens because of negligence or because of wrongdoing, the person or company causing the damage should be held accountable.  Glass & Robson provides assistance in pursuing a...

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How Uber’s Self Driving Cars Are Endangering Pedestrians And Bike Riders


Uber has become an extremely popular ride-sharing service, but there are concerns about safety.  For example, CNET cautioned riders that they give up many of their rights when they agree to Uber’s terms and conditions before taking a ride, while 9 News warned that many Uber cars have unrepaired defects.  Now,  Streets Blog indicates there is a new concern on the horizon for road-users: Uber’s self-driving cars are putting pedestrians and bicycle riders at risk. Uber is testing self-driving vehicles and, if tests are successful and self-driving cars become more widely accepted, the company could soon phase out human drivers entirely.  Unfortunately, if...

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Auto Regulators Try To Block Apps To Reduce Distracted Driving


Distracted driving has become a leading cause of auto accidents in Atlanta and throughout the United States.  Unfortunately, even though motorists are aware of the dangers of distracted driving and even though laws prohibit various kinds of distracted driving, motorists continue to use their phones to talk, text, and email.  Cell phone use and the use of other electronics devices can delay reaction times, cause inattention blindness, and make crashes far more likely to happen. Distracted drivers should be held accountable for collisions and an Atlanta distracted driving accident attorney  should be consulted by those harmed by unsafe motorists.  Glass & Robson...

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Should Senior Drivers Be Subject To More Regulations To Avoid Accidents


The population is aging rapidly, which could pose problems for the safety of U.S. roads since older drivers are at greater risk of collisions. According to Pew Charitable Trusts, more than 60 million seniors will be on U.S. roads in 2030.  Many of these seniors could face physical and mental declines that reduce their driving abilities, and many will be on prescription medications that also impact their ability to operate their vehicles effectively. If a senior driver cause a collision, an Atlanta car accident lawyer can provide representation to victims in pursuing a case for compensation against the older motorist.  Unfortunately, these cases...

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How Do I Know If I’ve Suffered A Personal Injury?


A personal injury, according to legal standards, consists of any injury to the body, mind, or emotions that were caused by the action of someone else. There are many different types of personal injuries--- for example, traffic accidents, medical and dental accidents, accidents in the home, product defects and industrial diseases. However, not all personal injury cases involve a direct, immediate physical injury as the basis for the personal injury claim. Mental anguish or psychological trauma can be the foundation of a lawsuit. Post-traumatic stress disorder, loss of self-image, loss of affection, and general emotional distress which is caused by the...

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Hurt During Holiday Shopping? Who’s Responsible for Accidents in Atlanta Stores?


Holiday shopping is a tradition during the festive season. In addition to Black Friday, Christmas Eve is also one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Unfortunately, on any day during the holidays, there is a risk of an injury in a store in Atlanta. Consumer Product Safety Commission warns that approximately 250 injuries occur every single day during the holiday season. Many of those injuries occur while trying to buy gifts for others. If you are hurt in a retail establishment of any sort, from a boutique to a major shopping mall, you need to know what your rights...

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After Nixing Multiple Settlement Offers, Insurer Is Hit With $850K Verdict


The lawyers for a woman who was injured in a car wreck said they bent over backward to give the defendant driver's insurer a chance to tender her $100,000 policy limits before taking the case to trial, extending the deadline to respond and going so far as to have the plaintiff's surgeon speak to the claims adjuster and confirm that cervical surgery would be necessary. But the insurer, State Farm, never offered more than $22,500 to settle the admitted-liability case; a Cobb County jury decided the woman's injuries were worth $850,000. "We paid a significant amount so they could talk to the...

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How to Handle a Slip and Fall In Atlanta Georgia


As you make a usual stop at the grocery store and browse the aisles, you slip and fall on a wet floor. Once the embarrassment wears off, you realize you are hurt. The first thing that comes to many people’s minds is that their fall was purely an “accident” -- no one’s fault but their own. Slip and Fall at a retail store in Georgia If you or a loved one were injured by a slip and fall at a retail store, you are not alone. Roughly 8 million hospital emergency room visits occur each year due to slip and fall incidents...

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