Holiday Season Safety Tips

With the holiday season fully upon us, it’s easy to forget about some of the dangers that coincide with the festivities. Here are just a few tips to help keep you and your family safe from accidents, burglaries, holiday drivers, and other pitfalls.


Holiday Season Shopping Concerns

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warns that approximately 250 injuries occur every day during the holiday season. Although the prevalence of online shopping has decreased the number of shoppers in stores and malls, there are still many exclusive in-store deals that drive consumers to make their purchases in person.

Accidents can result when stores do not have enough staff to meet demand during busy holiday times. Many customers suffer from slip-and-fall accidents due to spilled drinks, leaks from poor weather, and items not put properly away.  Be on the lookout for any caution signs and potential slip and fall hazards while shopping.


Keeping Your Home Safe During the Holiday Season

It is vital to take extra precautions with your home during the holiday season, especially if you are traveling during the holidays.  As we all know from the beloved movie Home Alone, this is a prime time for burglars to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners.

An obvious first step is to make sure your doors and windows are locked, including any on the upper floors. Many homeowners think leaving their blinds and curtains open will trick burglars into thinking they are home, but you should keep them closed instead. This will prevent anyone from peaking in and assessing what valuables you have.  It is a good idea to keep a few interior and exterior lights on as well—a dark house early in the evening is the perfect invite to a would-be burglar.

Be sure to pause your mail and newspaper deliveries or have a neighbor pick them up daily. Burglars will be on the lookout for any subscriptions piling up in your mailbox or on your driveway.

Of course, the best precaution you can take is installing a home security system. There are dozens of options and a full range of services to choose from in today’s market. Whether you are just interested in a doorbell camera or want a full system installed, you can find something for your budget. Check out this article from to explore your options.


Holiday Season Travelers

More than 100 million Americans travel by car during the holiday season. This staggering number opens up horrifying possibilities for traffic and weather-related accidents. With Christmas falling on a Tuesday this year, many are predicting the worst travel days to be December 21 and 22 as families head out to take advantage of a long weekend.

It is important to leave as early as possible to reach your holiday destination safely.  The last thing you want is to rush and take risks in order to shave a few minutes of time off your arrival. Pull over semi-frequently at rest stops, gas stations, and restaurants to clear your head and prevent fatigue. Falling asleep at the wheel can prove fatal for you, your family members or other motorists on the roads.  Keep your cellphone in a purse, suitcase or compartment in your car to prevent you from texting and driving. Distracted driving has become a leading cause of accidents in Georgia and throughout the US and will only become more dangerous with so many holiday travelers on the roads.  In addition, it is now illegal in Georgia to operate a cellular device while driving.

A wet storm is expected to strike the east coast at peak travel time this year. Temperatures are fortunately not supposed to reach freezing levels so ice and snow should not contribute to accidents. However, plenty of rain will still make conditions very dangerous. Drivers should exercise extreme caution to avoid hydroplaning, skidding, and car wrecks.  This includes traveling at or below the speed limit and leaving yourself plenty of room between yourself and any vehicle traveling directly in front of you.


New Year’s Eve

Sadly, drunk and drugged drivers will also be out in full force during the holiday season.  In fact, an average of 300 people die between the week of Christmas and New Year’s every year.

It is easy to get over-served alcohol during the many holiday celebrations taking place.  To better protect yourself and others, make sure not to get behind the wheel if you plan on drinking alcohol.  Uber, Lyft, taxis and other rideshare services are available 24/7.  While the surge pricing fees of these services can be expensive on popular nights, the costs are far less when compared with the thousands of dollars that come with a costly DUI.

Between the costs of bail, legal fees, and insurance rate hikes, DUIs can set you back upwards of $10,000 or more.  Not to mention that these costs do not factor in what a DUI can do to your personal and professional well being.


Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney for Holiday Season Claims

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